TEC is an expression of the desire of participating congregations to offer a culturally relevant, encouraging exposure to the journey of faith. Students are given the opportunity to consider their commitment to Christ and His church in a loving, attractive way. Based on Scripture, empowered by the Holy Spirit and surrounded by prayer, the TEC community can bring evangelism and discipleship into the lives of youth, their families, and their communities.

What goes on at a TEC weekend?



From the moment the students arrive at the host facility on Friday morning, they are greeted by a team of students, adults, and pastors. Music, games, good food, and lots of laughter put everyone at ease before they gather for the first talk and small group sessions.


Over the course of the three days, student workers give talks on subjects like:
"Who am I in Relationship to God?" or "Christians Called to Action." The talks are personal testimonies of struggles these teenagers have faced and how God has worked in and through their lives. The pastors give talks as well, spurring conversations around each table and culminating with posters or skits presented by the table groups. Tears and laughter are always shared.


The only surprises of the weekend are special events that bring excitement and joy to the students. The surprises help demonstrate God's grace in a way each one will remember.


TEC utilizes student gifts and adult assistance to help students experience God. See the Apply Page for more details.